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Don’t sell. Help.


By Alex Drew

One day last semester as I was sitting in my marketing class I learned one of the most valuable lessons to date. What my professor went on to explain and teach has stuck with me to this day and I want to share it with you. He stated:

“Successful salespeople don’t just sell people things, they help them find what they are looking for”

When you take a minute to think about this simple saying I hope it has the same effect on you as it did me. I thought back to all the times salespeople have assisted me and came to the conclusion that the truly successful ones were able to help me find what it was I was truly looking for.

Whether it was a new baseball glove, new bike, or even simply what to order at a restaurant the salespeople I remember and who have had an effect on me did not try to just push expensive product in my face. Instead, the most memorable sales experiences I have involved a person who truly helped me in my shopping process and wanted what was best for me.

Now, personally I have been in a positions where I was able to put this lesson into practice. While working for Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co. when I first started my internship it was all about calling the biggest clients and trying to bring about the most premium. As you may expect I saw very little success in those first few months and hardly made a sale.

Something had to change.

Remembering what I had learned in class I decided to change my approach. In order to truly run a successful practice I had to begin to understand what it was my clients were actually needing. When I began to ask more questions such as “What are you looking for” instead of “I think you could gain from this” I saw a dramatic change and began to make more sales.

This lesson I believe has been one of the most valuable in shaping my early sales career. Not only does it help you make the sale, but it also brings about the satisfaction that you have helped someone find what it was they were truly looking for and brought joy into their lives. I hope you will put this lesson into action and see some of the benefits as I have.

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Now, I would be interested in hearing some of the most valuable sales lessons you have learned.

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3 Tips to Bounce Back from Rejection


By Alex Drew

We have all heard it at one point or another in our life. It is that one dreaded word which can completely crush us. That word is simply “no.” We here it everyday and it never gets any easier. I believe how we bounce back from failure truly defines us. Being a baseball player no one is more accustomed to failing then me. Even the best professional hitters still fail 7 out of 10 times.

In professional sales we are constantly put down by the customer and it always hurts every time somebody denies our product or service. It’s no secret. We are GOING to fail at some point or another and its important to know how to properly respond to such circumstances. With each new failure comes an opportunity to grow and bounce back stronger then ever. Here are my top 3 ways for handling failure

3. Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

It is so easy to fall into the trap of self pity and sorrow. The only person who will ever feel sorry for you is yourself. Stop bringing down others and yourself by walking around moping about a deal gone wrong or losing a client. There will always be another one! The longer you allow yourself to engage in the destructive thinking the longer it will be before you bounce back and finally get that “yes” answer we all strive for.

“Nobody will feel sorry for you but yourself”

2. Avoid Negative Thinking

Often times after we here the word “no” we immediately start filling our brains with negative and self destructive thoughts.  We let these thoughts consume us until eventually they start to become true and this can be a hard habit to break. Truly, we are our own worst enemy. After a setback or a sale gone wrong you must immediately try to eliminate these self-doubts and fill your mind with positive words such as “the next one will go better” or “I can do this.” The longer we walk around with negative thoughts filling our brains the harder it will be to move on to the next sale or opportunity.

“The longer we walk around with negative thoughts filling our brains the harder it will be to move on to the next sale or opportunity. ”

1.  Believe in yourself

Often times the most important thing you can do is believe in yourself. Looking back on past successes the one thing I see in common was that each and every time I truly believed the result was possible. Whether it was selling t-shirts or standing in the batters box in the middle of a slump I truly believed the next customer would buy or the next pitch was mine. It’s incredible what you can do when you truly believe in yourself. Let go of fear and believe with all your heart that the next sale or meeting with a client will go better and you will be amazed of the things you can achieve!

“the most important thing you can do is believe in yourself”

In conclusion, hearing the word “no” can only be a bad thing if we allow it to be. Refuse to let a simple rejection change your outlook on the next sale or yourself. I challenge you to rise to the occasion the next time you suffer a setback or rejection and turn that “no” into the fuel it will take to close that next sale and get you a step closer to reaching your goals. 

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Now, I would be interested in hearing some of the things you guys do to help deal with rejection. Please leave a comment with any suggestions. Thank you 

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