5 Lessons Learned from Social Media Market and Personal Branding

By Alex Drew

As this semester comes to a close I now have time to think back and reflect on some of the lessons learned through my Social Media and Marketing class. Coming into the class I really only had the most basic understanding of social media and how to properly brand yourself. Howvever, upon completing this course I now feel confident in my ability to use social media as a tool to further expand my learning while creating a brand for myself for future employers. Here are my top 5 lessons learned.

5.  The Value of a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

I now realize just how powerful a PLN can be. Through the use of my own PLN I was able to read and share helpful content for my career focus and greatly expanded my knowledge of the subject.

4. The Value of LinkedIN

Through this course I really have mastered LinkedIn and now know how to use it as a tool to connect with future employers. This was one of my favorite sites to work with and I am confident now in my ability to make beneficial connections and to put myself in a position for a great job upon graduating.

3. The Value of Twitter

Before this class I only viewed twitter as a way to interact with friends and as a tool to try to make others laugh. I had no idea the possibilities for learning and branding yourself twitter had to offer. Now I know how to use twitter as a tool to further my education into sales and also how to connect and interact with some of the leading sales experts in the industry.

2. Google+

Before this past semester I had never even heard of Google+! Now, however, I fully understand all its capabilities and the benefits it offers from creating valuable connections and interacting with groups. Also, I enjoyed connecting with some of my twitter followers on Google+ which really helped to form a solid social relationship.

1. Brand yourself

The best lesson this class has taught me was the importance to find a passion and use that to brand yourself to your peers and future employers. I always knew I wanted to be involved in professional sales. However, now I understand how to properly brand myself in a way as people see me as a great source on the subject and have positioned myself great for job opportunities after graduating.

In closing, this has been one of the most beneficial and challenging classes I have ever taken. Overall I think I was very successful in building a brand for myself and extending my knowledge into the subject of professional sales. Thank you for a great semester!

image via http://www.beainstitute.org/


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