3 Tips for Prospecting

By Alex Drew

As many successful salespeople know prospecting is the lifeline for your business. Without the proper list of prospects it is impossible to succeed in the sales world. You must continuously strive for finding qualified prospects and potential clients. Here are my 3 tips for successful prospecting:

3. Start with who you know

Have you honestly reached out and made an attempt at ground zero which is who you already know? Often times people are afraid to call friends and family in fear of bothering them. When I was selling life insurance for Northwestern Mutual I feared contacting my family and friends more then calling strangers! However, upon doing so I realized that it was not a  big deal and they were happy to help me and even generate me some business. Do not miss out on this opportunity. Do not let the fear of offending your family and friends get in the way of your success.

2. Contact past connections

Everybody thinks they do not know many people but this is false. You must get creative. When generating new contacts truly think about all the organizations or teams you have been apart of. For me, I found a world of opportunity when I begun to connect with past teachers, coaches, and even doctors. Do not ever rule anybody out. You must use all your resources if you truly want to be successful. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with these lost connections and will provide you with the contact information to get in touch with these people.

3, Prospect using your clients

One of the best ways to get out of your warm market is to prospecting using your current clients. Whenever you meet with them and have made sure all their needs are met do not be afraid to ask for who they know. If you have formed the proper relationships with your clients they will be glad to help. Ask questions such as who they play golf with, who are their members of their family, who do they think would be great for my business, and who is in need for my services. You must ask these kinds of questions because it will be hard for them to think of them on the spot.

In summary, do not be afraid to ask your family and friends for help. These people will want to help you and see you succeed. Next, connect with everyone you know do not rule anybody out. Lastly, use your current clients to help generate you future business for asking who they personally know. If you follow these 3 simple steps I have no doubt you will start to see new business being generated and begin to form new relationships with clients.

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Now, I would be interested to hear some of your successful prospecting tips.

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